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ENTRIES for the 2025 kykNET Silwerskerm Film Festival

The 12th kykNET Silwerskerm Festival, taking place in Camps Bay from 28 to 31 August 2024, continues its mission to provide a launchpad and platform for aspiring filmmakers in the TV and film industry.

Among the debut works to premiere at the festival this year are eight short films (by emerging filmmakers), six “shotgun” short films (by established filmmakers) and five short documentary films. In the meantime, South Africa’s future Christopher Nolans, Greta Gerwigs, Martin Scorseses and Cord Jeffersons can submit their entries for the 2025 Silwerskerm Festival competition for short films and short documentary films.

This year, the competition is divided into two categories, allowing emerging filmmakers to enter for both short films and short documentaries, and established filmmakers (screenwriters, directors and producers who have participated in the Silwerskerm short film competition before) to submit their ideas and concepts for both short films and short documentaries.

In both these categories, the festival is looking for innovative storytellers who can set the pace in the fast-changing film and television landscape of today and tomorrow. 

The evaluation process for the competition spans several phases. If a short documentary is in your sights, you will initially have to submit the title of your documentary, a description of the story and themes, the documentary genre you’re tackling and the duration of your proposed film. The documentary must be no longer than 30 minutes. Any language may be included, but 60% of the content must be in Afrikaans or any variant of the language.  

The finalists for the second round, to be selected in May 2024, will then hand in a pitch video. This is followed by a third sifting round, which includes a full presentation with a budget plan and director’s vision, among other aspects. This round will determine who the successful candidates are to receive funding and mentorship to turn their documentary dreams into reality.

The 2025 Silwerskerm Festival short film candidates will be selected through a similar screening process. If your proposal ultimately gets the green light for funding and mentorship, you might just follow in the footsteps of a host of award-winning South African filmmakers who made their industry debut with a Silwerskerm short film. Among them are Christiaan Olwagen, who went on to win numerous awards for films like Johnny is nie dood nie, Kanarie and Poppie Nongena; trailblazers like Ephraim Gordon and Amy Jephta of Barakat fame, and the filmmaking couple Corné and René van Rooyen, known for acclaimed movies like Vaselinetjie, Toorbos and Hans steek die Rubicon oor

Several Silwerskerm Festival short films, such as Vuil wasgoed and Beurtkrag, have been developed into feature-length films.

The 2025 short films can be between 7 and 30 minutes long, in any genre and any variant of Afrikaans. It may also include other languages, but 80% of the dialogue must be in Afrikaans.

Your entry for the first round of assessment must include a concept proposal of 250 to 300 words. The screenplay, director’s treatment and budget will follow later.

Entry forms for the two competitions are available on the Silwerskerm Festival website ( The deadline is Monday, 15 April 2024, and the entry fee is R350.

Apply here:

For any enquiries, contact

Rick Bronkhorst

Rick Bronkhorst

Founder & Writer

Rick is a former commercial fixed-wing pilot who graduated with merit from City Varsity, earning a BA in Film & TV Production in 2021. He is the founder of, The Rainbow Mafia, and Skatte Doos, and co-founded Groovejet. With a strong passion for filmmaking, he aspires to produce streaming series and films for both the South African and international markets. Additional passions include psychology, reading, hiking, rowing, and good wine.



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