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South Africa

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Popcorn Time

Welcome to Popcorn Time with the most intuitive news about the film & streaming industry on the web. Bringing you the latest insights on the global industry through news, reviews and interviews. From Cape Town, South Africa.

About PT

Popcorn Time was born with the idea to bring a unique South African perspective on the global film and streaming industry. Providing you with news, reviews and interviews as well as our unique film ratings. Giving you a more insightful view on what happens behind the camera of your favourite shows and movies. Assuring that you don’t have to scavenge the whole internet, social media and every AI out there as we have done it for you. Simplifying the more complex parts and less known aspects of the industry. Sourcing information from various streaming providers such as Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, BritBox, Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu, Netflix, Peacock and Showmax. To name a few that keep us all entertained.

South Africa has been behind with technology due to Apartheid but soon started catching up and is now bringing some of the best entertainment to half of the African continent. The world has started to take notice and wishes to take part in this race of entertainment profits. We hope to take you along on this journey and provide you with all the insights to make the best decisions for your time.


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80 Strand St. #112, Cape Town, RSA 8001

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